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Preaching the Other Way: How to Develop a Teaching Team in Your Church

Ministry is supposed to be a team sport, but it's hard to build a team if you're a pulpit hog. Sharing the pulpit is one of the most powerful ways to instill a ministry-wide culture of equipping, empowering, and releasing others for the work of the ministry.

Preaching the Other Way is an absolute must have for any preacher, speaker, or primary communicator. It's an inspirational reminder that no one person can be it all, and do it all.

This book comes from forty years of ministry wisdom. Insightful, and backed with impeccable integrity, JD Pearring presents an innovative approach to equip leaders and empower believers to use their gifts. This is an indispensable book for pastors of large, small, old, or new churches.

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Leading the Other Way: How to Change the Church Planting World

When it comes to church planting, the stakes are high.  For too long, we’ve ignored the issues that plague church planting movements and church planters.

Filled with practical, down-to-earth Biblical advice about church planting, leadership, and spiritual health, Leading the Other Way presents a thoroughly Biblical and principle-centered – not program-centered – approach to planting effective churches which focuses on the leader whom God has gifted and called.

If you care deeply about the future of the church, not only new churches, but the church as a whole, JD’s book will encourage you, irritate you in a healthy way, and motivate you to lead for change.  With honesty, authority, and intensity, JD coaches leaders of churches, ministries, and denominations to consider the Kingdom over their respective domains, and challenges us to lead for the sake of others.  

Rooted in Scripture, JD asks tough questions and provides tangible answers via transferable principles, not prescriptions, as only an experienced practitioner can..