excel discovery center

These 2-3 day events are designed to help couples who are interested in church planting discover their next steps in ministry, and be as successful as possible. Participants come away with a new awareness of themselves, their marriages and their ministries.

Create Vision Alignment

Our advisory team works with planters to fine-tune their plans and proposals; our goal is to foster faith, while minimizing unnecessary risk. We encourage Godly vision that is biblically viable, (expecting God to do great things), and practically viable, (utilizing wise counsel).

Embrace Creativity

Excel does not push a specific church model - we look for creative leaders with unique vision. There are many avenues to create biblically viable and practically effective congregations. We share creative ministry strategies, ideas and resources as a team.

Cultivate Funding 

We understand that planting a church costs a lot of money. We want to provide planters with upfront cash, but more importantly, we want to help them create a long-term plan for financial sustainability. We also encourage planters to be intentional about developing a culture of generosity from the inception of their church plant.  

Coaching - Maintain Spiritual Vitality

Spiritual vitality is crucial to the mission and success of a church plant. Every planter is prayed for, given truthful reminders and wise counsel by seasoned mentors, and held accountable to the mission and staying close to God.

Strategic Training 

  • We send our coaches on-site to offer insight and solutions

  • We offer regular training events 

  • We send planters to national conferences

  • We offer training at our quarterly Connection events including varied content covering many areas of interest and need. 

Become a Partner

We expect every planter to step into a meaningful, contributing role within the Excel network, and we are always looking for strategic partnerships to enable Excel Leadership Network to grow and support more leaders. We want to be kingdom-minded in offering our resources to those in need.