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Leading the Other Way: How to Change the Church Planting World

When it comes to church planting, the stakes are high.  For too long, we’ve ignored the issues that plague church planting movements and church planters.

Filled with practical, down-to-earth Biblical advice about church planting, leadership, and spiritual health, Leading the Other Way presents a thoroughly Biblical and principle-centered – not program-centered – approach to planting effective churches which focuses on the leader whom God has gifted and called.

If you care deeply about the future of the church, not only new churches, but the church as a whole, JD’s book will encourage you, irritate you in a healthy way, and motivate you to lead for change.  With honesty, authority, and intensity, JD coaches leaders of churches, ministries, and denominations to consider the Kingdom over their respective domains, and challenges us to lead for the sake of others.  

Rooted in Scripture, JD asks tough questions and provides tangible answers via transferable principles, not prescriptions, as only an experienced practitioner can.

JD Pearring’s vast experience includes planting churches, leading growing congregations and assessing potential new church planters. He currently serves as the Director of the Excel Leadership Network, Church Planting Lead for Transformation Ministries, and Teaching Team Coach at Journey Church in Elk Grove, CA.

Editorial Reviews

With humor and keen insight, JD Pearring tackles many of the dysfunctions that have crept into our current church planting models. If you think church planting is an important part of God’s kingdom plan, you need to read, Leading the Other Way.  It will challenge and help you.
Larry Osborne, Pastor and Author, North Coast Church

After decades of planting churches, JD has written a very unique book for potential church planters and their supporters. This book is a rare combination of biblical and practical that is both truthful and helpful, written by someone who lives in the trenches and has the battle scars to prove it.
Mark Driscoll, Pastor, Author, and Church Planter

I did not believe him when I first met him.  But JD Pearring practices what he preaches and in this book will help you in your journey of Leading the Other Way.    Read this book and get equipped for your next best season of life and leadership.
Dr. John Jackson, President of William Jessup University, speaker, author of books on leadership and spiritual formation

Leading the Other Way, is a challenging guide for how the church planter, and the church planting world can get out of their own way! A breath of fresh air that examines the necessity of the status quo, while offering scripturally based and well thought out solutions.  Read this book!
Albert Tate, Founder and Lead Pastor, Fellowship Monrovia

JD Pearring has hit it out of the park with Leading the Other Way!  It is a great read, it presents a more successful path to effective church planting and it is filled with helpful illustrations, quotes and stories.  It inspired me to look at church planting in a different way and convicted me on some false ideas that I have held onto for a long time.  If we took his ideas to heart, it would change the trajectory of Christianity in the United States!
Glenn Gunderson, Lead Pastor, Purpose Church, Pomona, California

Imagine! Just imagine if new churches were led by Holy Spirit-empowered leaders and teams – as described in Acts. And imagine if Christ-followers took seriously JD Pearring’s superb color-commentary on how to change the church planting world. Leading the Other Way is a discerning and paradigm-changing must, must-read. Plus, it’s laugh-out-loud funny! I mean, when’s the last time you enjoyed wisdom from Spurgeon, Mother Teresa, Pogo, and Casey Stengel – all in the same book?  Here’s my offer: Read the first 50 pages of Leading the Other Way – and if you’re not deeply convicted about God’s plan for the local church and/or you don’t laugh-out-loud at the hilarious stories and humor – I’ll send you a Starbucks card.
John Pearson, author, Mastering the Management Buckets

I smiled all the way reading through this book.  JD communicated how to change the way we do church planting with great humor. It will be hard to find a book that is both more challenging and encouraging.  It is worth your time to read and to pass on to those who care about church planting. Thanks JD for your heart for the lost.
Jack Hamilton, Executive Pastor, High Desert Church