Excel’s Discovery Center is a 3.5 day assessment process designed to help couples who are interested in church planting discover their next steps in ministry, and be as successful as possible.

Some church planters expect Excel’s Discovery Center to be an incredibly long, boring interview. Others expect a grueling boot camp. If you've already experienced this investment into your ministry and lives, you know that it is neither of those things, and is a very powerful experience! 

Participants come away with a new awareness of themselves, their marriages and their ministries. The Discovery Center allows planters to:

-      Preach

-      Share their philosophy of ministry

-      Unpack their results from their online psychological tests

-      Meet with a licensed counselor

-      Receive training in church planting strategies

-      Grapple with difficult real life situations (it has proven so helpful to have rehearsed these scenarios before actually living through them!)

Learning and processing this practical information as a couple honors and builds on the personalities, strengths and experiences you already bring to the table. Many make lasting like-minded friendships, and some find powerful ministry partners during the Discovery Center. Purposely taking this time early on has positively changed the trajectory and outcome of many churches and the lives of church planters.

At the Discovery Center, we have an amazing, accomplished staff ready to serve you. We hear regularly, (even years later), that candidates were surprised and touched by the sincere care and deep investment of the high-level staff. Our goal is to help you determine your next steps in ministry with an outcome of either a “Green Light” (you’re ready to go now and plant a church), a “Yellow Light” (there are specific things that need to be taken care of before launching), or “Red Light” (you don’t have the building blocks it takes to be a church planter-let’s look at other possibilities instead). It’s a wonderful opportunity to have constructive truth and wisdom spoken into each candidate.

Oh, and there is no competition here; no grading on a curve, or “passing” and “failing”. Just prayer and serious dedication by trained staff who are in your corner, and have no agenda other than to serve you well. 

Ministries thrive, lives change, and marriages/families have a more secure connection thanks to the experience of going through the Discovery Center. We are ALL chosen by God to play a major part on God’s team to further His Kingdom. The Discovery Center has a high return as an intentional investment for yourself, your marriage and your ministry. Even years later, many couples consider this one of their best life decisions!