2018 Excel Planters: The Kwak Family

One Church

The Kwak Family in South LA, California

Chan and Crystal Kwak are veteran church planters, and recently moved to Compton with their kids – Cryschan (7), Nissi (5), Jireh (3), and Joy (2) to start a new church plant. They are praying and preparing to launch a multi-ethnic worship service, with people from many backgrounds gathered as one family to worship God. 

Here are a few ways you can pray for the One Church plant in Compton and the Kwak family:

-      For their vision and direction as they choose a place to worship 

-      For the right team to come together to serve in this multi-cultural area

-      For the continued spiritual and physical health of the Kwak family

To learn more about the Kwak family, visit: chankwak.com

To send a note of encouragement to the Kawak family, email Chan: chankwak@gmail.com