The Excel Leadership Network seeks to support church planters and leaders for the work God has for them (Acts 13:1-2).  And one of our key support strategies is our Discovery Center.  We strive to help leaders discover if the lead position in a church plant is a good fit for their next step of ministry. 


The Discovery Center is designed to help leaders discern if they are wired for planting.  The center will include:


Multiple Advisers.

Proverbs 24 tells us that “many advisers” are needed to engage in spiritual warfare.  The Discovery Center staff consists of experienced assessors who know how to assist ministers in transition as they explore church planting.  I’ve personally assessed over one thousand potential church planting couples over the last 25 years.  In addition quality counselors, administrators and directors have agreed to help us at Excel as we work toward offering the best assessment product.


Multiple Days.

The Discovery Center takes place over 3+ days so that staff and candidates have ample time to consider the best fit for ministry.


Multiple Exercises.

Candidates participate in a wide array of exercises, interviews and instructions so they can look at themselves from different viewpoints.


Multiple Tools.

The Discovery event will utilize several testing tools, such as the Gallup StrenghtsFinder instrument, the Golden version of the Myers-Briggs type indicator and the DISC test in helping candidates clearly understand their wiring.


Multiple Tracks

At Excel we offer the Discovery Center to church planters, campus pastors, missionaries and those looking for a ministry tune-up.  It’s a great event for all in ministry.


Multiple Outcomes.

Candidates will be given thorough feedback from the Discovery Center staff regarding next steps in ministry.  Those suited for church planting will be pointed toward the next steps and support systems within the Excel Leadership Network.  Those who seem best suited for other ministry endeavors will be steered toward some specific exploration paths such as pursuing the lead pastor of an existing church, an associate role, a campus pastor position, missionary work, team roles or other leadership opportunities--we want to help leaders discover their best fit.


Multiple Opportunities.

Excel offers the Discovery Center all throughout the year, in several areas of the country and North America.  The next one will take place July 1-4 in Havana, Cuba.  Plus these upcoming dates in 2015:


July Discovery Center 20-23 Sacramento

September Discovery Center 21-24 Cincinnati

October Discovery Center Kansas City

November Discovery Center 10-13 Alabama


We’re excited about supporting leaders and planters through our Discovery Centers.  If you are thinking about church planting as a possibility for your next step, or if you know someone who just might turn out to be a church planter, contact the Excel Network Assessment Specialist, Rachel Kihlthau at rk.globetrekker   If you’d like to serve in a Discovery Center as a staff member, feel free to contact me at